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Best Marketing Campaign

Every area of Campus Life has been affected during 2020, including Marketing & Communications. Restrictions to physical events, activities and on campus services has significantly challenged the ability to promote relevance and support to the newly based virtual student communities.

The loss of students on campus, lockdowns, physical distancing, and disrupted calendars have required rapid adaptations to marketing strategies and innovative ways to engage students.

This award recognises innovation and adaptation in marketing and communications campaigns in 2020.

The Jury panel will be looking for submissions that demonstrate a range of successes such as:

  • Innovation in the development and execution of the campaign
  • Adaptability in the approach to achieving the campaign objectives
  • Techniques and strategies used, relevant to engaging a virtual student community
  • Campaigns that encourage students to return to campus where possible
  • Effective use of resources (financial, human, material etc) in achieving impact, including measurable results
  • Social messaging relevant to COVID safety, student support and general wellbeing

Award Submission Criteria

  1. Name of Organisation
  2. Name & Contact – details of the person completing the submission
  3. EFTSL or Student Population of your Institution
  4. Name of Campaign
  1. Campaign Purpose and Objectives – tell us the ‘Why’ of your campaign: was it a call to action, general information, social impact, new product / event / program awareness, improved engagement, student support and wellbeing etc?
  2. Target Audience
  3. Campaign’s KPIs – What was the campaign’s predetermined measures of success?
  4. Ethical, Sustainable, Environmental Considerations of Campaign – Please include details such as: use of environmental and sustainable materials / products / collateral, race / gender diversity, inclusivity etc
  1. Campaign Strategy – How was the campaign planned from start to finish?
  2. Communication & Promotion – Describe the communication and promotional techniques used to create and distribute the campaign. If relevant, please include link/s to Social Media, Video Files, PR or Media.
  3. The Team – Who were the key players responsible for designing and delivering the campaign? What were their roles and level of involvement? Please list any students involved and their role or input. Please list any external partnerships and their role or input.
  1. Measuring Success – How did the Campaign meet its purpose / objective / KPI’s? How do you know it was a success? Please include details such as: engagement metrics, site analytics, sales data, reach and impressions, content or marketing downloads, tangible benefits, ROI etc
  2. Feedback and Responses to campaign – If possible, include feedback from recipients or those involved in the campaign including social media screen grabs, feedback form details, emails etc
  3. Campaign Financials – expenses and revenue (budget vs actual).
  4. Financial Explanation – Please be specific in your answer. Judges like to see details such as: main expenses incurred, revenue sources (sales, grants, SSAF), reasons for Budget / Actual variances, if profitable where was it apportioned, ROI, before and after comparisons? Tell us the financial story!
  1. Upload your organisation logo (mandatory)
  2. Upload your best hero photos that capture the campaign (mandatory)
  3. Upload any relevant documentation that will add value and validation to your submission including financial docs, feedback forms, marketing collateral etc – you can collate them into a word doc to maximise your uploads]