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Joe Curtis Travel Scholarship

Joe served at Monash University for almost 20 years, rising from Catering Manager to become CEO of Monash Unicomm. During this time, Joe carried a diverse range of roles and responsibilities that in a variety of ways improved the university’s operations and public image.

Joe was well respected by his peers and colleagues across a wide range of campus service organisations. His personal warmth and down to earth management style made him stand out from the crowd.

Joe’s ongoing commitment to staff development was honoured on his passing with the awarding of an annual $5K travel grant, now known as the Joe Curtis Travel Scholarship for professional development.

  • This is a nominated award. Nominations may be self-nominated or nominated by another person.
  • Nominations must be endorsed by the nominee’s CEO or equivalent.
  • CEOs or equivalent are not eligible for this award.
  • Previous successful applicants are also excluded from applying for this award a second time.
  • The awardee must attend a related organisation’s conference or intervarsity study tour.
  • Preference will be given to someone who has not previously travelled overseas to attend an affiliated conference, workshop or intervarsity tour.
  • Non-attendance of the proposed study event will require a refund of the award money.
  • Nominations will be reviewed, and the winner appointed by the TAG board.

Typically this scholarship has been granted to fund travel to overseas tertiary sector conferences and campus tours however, while international travel remains restricted, consider how this scholarship may be used in Australia to support other forms of professional growth and development.

Award Submission Criteria

  1. Name of Organisation
  2. Name & Contact – details of the person completing the nomination
  3. Nominator’s relationship to the Nominee
  4. Name & Contact of Endorser (CEO or equivalent)
  1. Name of Nominee
  2. Nominee’s Current Position
  3. Nominee’s organisation of employment
  4. Nominee’s length of employment within the sector
    1. Please tell us in 1000 words or less why you believe the nominee should be awarded the Joe Curtis Travel Scholarship.

We encourage you to include supporting documentation with your nomination. Supporting documentation can include biographies, photos of nominee, conference / workshop information / flyers / websites etc. By providing these documents the judging panel will have a better understanding of why the person you are nominating should be selected. All included documentation will be retained by TAG.

Please provide the following details relating to the proposed conference, workshop ,intervarsity tour etc (including location):

  1. Itinerary – Typically this grant has been to fund travel to overseas tertiary sector conferences and campus tours however while international travel remains restricted consider how this grant may be used in Australia to further professional growth and development. Include all the sites the applicant proposes to visit during the trip.
  2. Peer Benefit – How will the information gained during the tour be of benefit to other student organisations?
  3. Projected Expenses – Include all details including, but not limited to registration of proposed events, travel costs, accommodation costs, other funding sources, any other related expenses (excluding any personal expenses which may be payable by the applicant). Include how the $5k travel grant will be applied to the trip.

Note that recipients must demonstrate a commitment to the ideals of the shared CampusLink Community and commit to presenting at the next CampusLink Conference. Failure to present at the CampusLink Conference will also require a refund of the award money.

Note that non-attendance of the proposed study tour or event will require a refund of the scholarship money.

  1. Upload your organisation logo (mandatory)
  2. Upload up a photo of the nominee (mandatory)
  3. Upload your best hero photos that capture the essence of the proposed tour (mandatory)
  4. Upload any relevant documentation that will add value and validation to your submission such as photos, testimonials, previous awards etc – you can collate them into a word doc to maximise your uploads