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Most Successful Digital Initiative

In our ever-changing world, organisations need to stay adaptable and up to date on developments and trends in the digital arena. Digital platforms have been our first line of defense in a COVID changed world, keeping our organisations connected and engaged with our student cohorts, staff members, and campus communities.

Every business is different and faces unique digital challenges that require specific goals and objectives to meet desired outcomes. There isn’t a cookie-cutter approach for building the perfect digital game plan however there are key components that evidence an excellent initiative.  

An excellent Digital Initiative comprises ease of user functionality, strong user engagement, and clever, user-centric design. It will showcase adaptability in evaluating and determining the right technology, choosing market trends, practices, and content tools that support creativity, consistency, and the outcomes the initiative is aiming for. It will consider device application, location, and preferences of the target user and present agile, relevant content that also supports a clear brand identity and strong brand experience.

Ultimately it will create a memorable user experience that converts your digital goals into your desired outcomes. It will also need to showcase keeping students and campus communities supported and connected in these changing times.

This award celebrates excellence in Digital Initiatives delivered by a SEN member organisation in 2021.

Examples can include but are not limited to: campus tour videos, digital signage, educational support programs, new apps, new or upgraded websites, podcasts, social media campaigns, webinars, etc.

The Jury will be looking for entries that demonstrate excellence in the following:

  • Astute recognition of the need for the Initiative
  • Adaptability to the changing market
  • Tangible and measurable goals and objectives
  • Evidence of strong strategic planning
  • Creative techniques used to deliver on your desired outcomes
  • Effective use of resources (teams, funds, assets, digital tools)
  • Inclusivity, diversity, compliance with accessibility standards, and environmental considerations
  • The quality of the Initiative, its functionality, and user centric design
  • Campus community engagement and experience factors
  • Evidence of success and positive impacts with measurable results
  • Innovation, Leadership, and recognition*

Award Submission Criteria

  1. Name of Organisation
  2. Name & Contact – details of the person completing the submission
  3. EFTSL or Student Population of your Institution
  4. Name of Initiative
  1. Initiative Purpose and Objectives – tell us the ‘Why’ of your initiative: was it a call to action, general information, social impact, engagement, community wellbeing and support, organisational rebrand, improved user experience, for commercial returns, etc?
  2. Target Audience
  3. Initiative KPIs – What were the initiative’s predetermined measures of success?
  4. Ethical, Sustainable, Environmental Considerations of Initiative – Please include details such as: inclusivity, diversity, WCAG guidelines used, etc
  1. Initiative Strategy – How was the initiative planned from start to finish?
  2. Communication & Promotion – Describe the communication and promotional techniques used to promote the initiative. Include the creativity of marketing techniques and originality of approach: Visual elements, Functionality, Accessibility features for those with seeing or hearing disabilities, Data collection and tracking features. If relevant, please include link/s to Social Media, Video Files, PR or Media.
  3. The Team – Who were the key players responsible for designing and delivering the initiative? What were their roles and level of involvement? Please list any students involved and their role or input. Please list any external partnerships and their role or input.
  1. Measuring Success – How did the initiative meet its purpose / objective / KPI’s? How do you know it was a success? Please include details such as: engagement metrics, site analytics, sales data, reach and impressions, content or marketing downloads, tangible benefits, ROI etc
  2. Feedback and Responses to Initiative – If possible, include feedback from participants or those involved in the initiative including social media screen grabs, feedback form details, emails etc
  3. Initiative Financials – expenses and revenue (budget vs actual).
  4. Financial Explanation – Please be specific in your answer. Judges like to see details such as: main expenses incurred, revenue sources (sales, grants, SSAF), reasons for Budget / Actual variances, if profitable where was it apportioned, ROI, before and after comparisons? Tell us the financial story!
  1. Upload your organisation logo (mandatory)
  2. Upload your best hero photos that capture the initiative (mandatory)
  3. Upload any relevant documentation that will add value and validation to your submission including financial docs, feedback forms, marketing collateral etc – you can collate them into a word doc to maximise your uploads