Terms & Conditions


Award Category A group of Awards of similar type, as specified via the Submission Platform including, but not limited to; Marketing, Commercial, Events, Students, Student Outcomes.
Award Title The name of an Award, as specified via the Submission Platform including, but not limited to; Best Marketing Campaign, Most Successful Event, Strategic Partner of the Year.
Award Winner A Submission determined as the successful Award Recipient by the appointed Jury Panel.
Close of Submissions The date which new Submissions and edits to existing Submissions close. 2021 submissions have been extended to 5pm on 12th March, 2021.
(the) Awards CampusLink Awards, as organised by Tertiary Access Group (TAG) on an annual basis.
Individual An authorised individual who completes the Submission Process on behalf of a Member Organisation.
Jury Panel A number of hand-selected Judges who have been appointed to reviewing and scoring all Submissions for an Award.
Member Organisation A tertiary institution or organisation who has paid the appropriate annual membership fee to Tertiary Access Group (TAG).
Selection Criteria A number of prompts which need to be addressed within a Submission to be eligible to be judged for an Award.
Submission An entry which has been successfully processed through the Submission Platform for a CampusLink Award.
Submission Platform The online system which is being used to collect Submissions and facilitate the Judging process.


  1. An Organisation must be a current financial member or a supplier/contract holder of Tertiary Access Group (TAG) to participate in these awards.
  2. The Individual completing the Submission must be an authorised representative for their Organisation.
  3. Username and password access to the Submission Platform are personal. The Individual is strictly responsible for their use.
  4. By submitting to the CampusLink Awards you are agreeing to these terms and conditions and any rules set out in the relevant CampusLink Awards documents.


  1. Initiatives which have received a winner or highly commended status in any Award in the previous two years, are not eligible for resubmission unless evidence can be provided of significant improvement or changes since the last Submission. In this instance, Submissions need to specifically benchmark against the previously recognised Submission and highlight the achievements and changes.
  2. New initiatives or initiatives which have been previously submitted but were not recognised can be re-submitted for the same Award in the following year.
  3. Submissions are restricted to one per Member Organisation in the National Student Volunteer of the Year category.
  4. Submissions are restricted to one per Member Organisation in the Most Successful Club or Society category.
  5. By inserting the names of nominees, nominators, seconders and/or CEO (or equivalent), the Individual confirms they have gained permission from those specified to complete the Submission (excluding the Georgeson Torney and Tom O’Sullivan awards).
  6. It is the responsibility of the Individual completing the submission to ensure that their Submissions comply with the rules and selection criteria of each Award and that all information contained is true and correct.
  7. The Organiser of the CampusLink Awards reserves the right to declare any Submission ineligible if, in their opinion:
    – the Submission does not comply with the terms and conditions of entry, the rules set out in the selection criteria documents or the entry forms.
    – Information provided is deficient, false or misleading in any way.
  8. Late entries will not be accepted.


  1. Judges, Competition Organisers, Third-Party Partners & Sponsors nor any other entity providing services to the Competition will not enter into or engage, in any correspondence, discussion or debate about the outcome of the Competition.
  2. Each Award will only proceed to the judging stage if there are three (3) or more Submissions for the Award. If there is less than three (3) Submissions for an Award the Organiser reserves the right to not award a prize in that Award.
  3. Individuals and their representative Member Organisation agree to abide by the decisions of the jury panel. There is no appeal process for these awards.

Limitation of Liability

  1. The Organiser of the CampusLink Awards reserves the right to change these terms and conditions of entry and general award rules at any time without prior notice.


  1. The Organiser collects Individual’s personal information (as that term is defined in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth)) for the purpose of conducting and promoting the Awards (including, but not limited to, determining and notifying Winners).
  2. By submitting to the CampusLink Awards you are giving the Organiser and their third-party partners and sponsors of the Awards permission to use provided material (including images, photographs and/ or video) for such promotional purposes as they see fit.
  3. By submitting to an Award, you are giving the Organiser permission to use provided material (including participant names and imagery) to be published on relevant websites and/or in external publications.